Backpacking Across The Country

Backpacking across a new and unexplored destination is an exciting adventure. Surviving in an unknown place with a couple of friends is quite a memorable experience. You don’t have to be an experienced traveler; just choose a destination, a group of good friends and dive in headfast into the unknown. There are many ways to ensure an amazing backpacking journey and we’ll be looking into a few tips that will help you on your way.

Travel in a group

There’s safety in numbers when you’re traveling through strange places navigating strange customs and people. This is also a budget friendly idea as you can pool money within the group for food and other facilities. You can divide up the luggage so that everyone carries a little bit without being encumbered. Everyone has different skills and you can take someone who is more experienced. Others can help with cooking, navigating and setting up camp.

Lodging plans

It’s exciting to camp outside under a different piece of sky and in new surroundings. You will have to carry your own tent and look for safe places to camp out. Or you can try some other budget friendly solutions such as student hostels, short term rent Dubai rooms and apartments etc. Some hostels and apartments actually provide kitchens that are fully stocked and have all the utensils.

Pack only what is necessary

Packing light is a must because you will have to trudge up hills and walk far. Carrying a lighter load will help you enjoy the scenery more as you will not suffer from fatigue easily. It is advised to pack only the necessary clothing without any items of sentimental value or other valuables. Since you’ll be out in the open at most times it is better to leave your valuables at home for safety reasons.


Manage food

It is better to bring your own food and snacks especially precooked food that you can just boil or heat. This will allow you to save money on extra food. You can find cheap street food but beware of the quality of the food. Getting sick in a foreign land can be a hassle and make your journey less pleasant.

Train passes and bus passes

If you’re staying for a longer time it is better to buy a bus pass or train pass. This will be cheaper than individual tickets for every train. If you make a travel itinerary beforehand it’ll be easy to calculate how much cost will be incurred as transport expenses. You can then calculate and compare the cost of individual tickets or monthly and weekly passes.

Be aware of your surroundings

There are many people who target hapless tourists such as scam artists and pickpockets. You should keep your wallet with you at all times in a place that is not easily accessible for pickpockets. Refrain from talking to strange people who are overly familiar. Safety is a major concern and you should stay within your group at all times.