How To Host A Party On board A Yacht In 4 Simple Steps

Celebrating your birthday or any party in a yacht is everyone’s secret desire and now with a variety of chartering yachts readily available and the numerous options to choose from, this might just be the venue you would hold your party next! It is the equivalent to being hosting the whole party and deciding everything from the food, décor and entertainment, the difference however is that it is on a giant boat in the sea! A few steps for hold such a party are shown below:


Plan out the number of guests

The first step is to decide on the number of people that you are inviting as this ultimately determines in choosing the correct size of yacht for your yacht party. There a various options available from ones that accommodate roughly 65 guests to ones that holds up to 350 guests. These yachts usually have multiple ground levels for the guests to mingle and associate with. Also, knowing the exact figure of guests will help the charter company to estimate possible spacing configurations and plan the event accordingly.

Budget the party

Always plan the party that will fit with your budget requirements as the chartering, food, entertainment will come with a cost and this budget needs to be clearly conveyed to the yacht charter company so that they provide you with a package to match your requirements. For example, if chartering a luxury yacht charter is beyond your budget, the option of chartering a small to medium yacht can be considered.

Décor, food and drinks

The themes and décor ideas for a celebration on board a yacht is endless and fun to handle. These themes can vary from Las Vegas casino themed nights to a Masquerade Ball. After deciding the theme, the invitations that can also be themed can be sent out to the guests. Allow time for RSVP and remember to include the theme of your celebration! When it comes to the food and beverages, the charter company’s event management team will usually help you decide on what is available in their celebration packages whether it is a cocktail menu or a fully fledged dinner buffet, everything will only be just a matter of you picking an option!


Finally, the entertainment can be arranged with options from having a DJ to having a live band playing or a karaoke stage set up to just have fun. A dancing stage can also be set up and you and your friends and family can have a relaxed evening with all the event planning taken care of by the chartering yacht company.