Youngsters are slowly feeling attracted towards lawn bowls in Australia

The 2015 Australian Open saw the rise of a new star, seven-year-old lawn bowls player Jett Simmons. Instead of playing with Lego toys like most of the kids from his age group, the young boy decided to compete with opponents, who were three times elder than him.

Alan Fawcett from NSW’s Hornsby Bowling Club partnered with Jett Simmons from Fitzroy Victoria. Little Simmons proved to be Australian Open’s youngest player in the last nine years history.  He attracted all the limelight at Southport Bowls Club when he won three sectional matches.

The young player appreciated his elder brother-Dylan Fisher’s support. For those who are not aware, Fisher also happens to be a Victorian superstar.

If you think that the concerned section of the game was full of kids or inexperienced players, you should be ready for the surprise! It also included high-profile players like Bradley Orr and Lachlan Tighe.

Now, you might start thinking about how in the world Alan Fawcett agreed to play with this little fellow.  Here’s the connection. Jett’s father Todd Simmons has played with Shelley Friedlander who happens to be Alan’s wife. He saw Jett practicing on the field with his dad several times and was impressed with the little fellow’s skills.  Thus, Alan got in touch with Todd and asked him if he would allow his son to play with him.

When journalists approached Jett to know more about his experience while playing, he used the word ‘fantastic’ to share his feelings. Even Alan was thrilled because of Jett’s contribution.

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